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Childhood it a time of wonder and excitement. Young children radiate curiosity and the innate willingness to learn. Play is the foundation of learning. We believe that through play, kids will develop their minds and bodies. Open ended play in conjunction with developmentally appropriate toys, outdoor time and movement will set foundations for future learning and thinking.

Toy rotation and messy play enhance mind set and growth. It’s important to let you child make a mess and do what I call ‘seek and destroy’ playing. When I say destroy, I am referring really to your beautiful child making a mess and destroying all of your packing away. Most children today have too many toys, and feel overwhelmed by choice.

Rotate the toys when possible. Divide the toys into smaller more manageable groups and switch them around on a regular basis. Let them take toys and create with other toys. A toy rotation is simply having a set amount of toys out on display for your child to play with and then storing away other toys that you can rotate in and out.