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My love for early childhood learning and education began 25yrs ago. Over the past two and half decades I’ve dedicated my time as a Primary School teacher, equipped myself with a Psychology degree, and more recently my career has taken me into the infant child development industry. 


This is where I experienced pure joy and a deep sense of fulfilment working with young children and their parents. 


Over the years, I saw many parents struggle to navigate what seems to feel at times infinite resources of information, methodologies and the ’shoulds’ and‘ shouldnt’s’. 


A common question I was asked by many overwhelmed parents is “What toys do I need for my child Christine?” 


know+GROW was created as I felt called to support parents ease the shopping stress forage appropriate toys and feel confident in their purchases. 


This is a bespoke website and the toys are carefully curated for children under six years of age. 


Each range and piece have been selected to help your child’s growth and development. 


I have focussed on supporting as many Australian businesses as possible and all toys meet the Australian Toy Safety Standards. 


As a mother of 3, these are my personal hand picked items I would have used with my little ones. 



Our Philosophy at know+GROW is centred on gently informing parents and carers on what toys to purchase and how to get the most out of each toy for a child’s development. 


Each toy available at know+GROW has been carefully hand selected for its: 



-Educational Function

-Emotional Growth



-Environmental Impact 


Professionals in the Infant Child Development Industry have set milestones for a reason. These milestones are what help guide parents and carer's in informing their child's developmental stages. 


know+GROW’ dedicates itself to creating a destination where parents and carers feel confident and trust that the curated range within each age bracket has been carefully selected to enhance the development of each milestone.


What we do as parents to help our children meet these milestones is greatly achieved through ‘play’. Play is a major priority to a child and is not only essential to their development but crucial for healthy growth. Through play we can encourage children to develop their: 





-Physical growth 

-Cognitive ability 

-Emotional strength 


Children also develop sensory integration through adaptable responses which build their intelligence. Lastly, play is healthy and vital for their little brain's development, promoting neuroplasticity, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills along with executive functioning skills.


The early years are where many of these lifelong skills are learned and developed. 


I hope know+GROW contributes to raising the next generation of happy, playful children and supporting them to know and then GROW. 


Christine Staniforth

DipCouns,BA(Psych), GDipEdu